Dear friends,

We are now back in the USA for a few months to connect with supporters, friends, and family. Thank you for your prayers for safety and good health in all of the travel. God’s strength truly sustained us, as I (Jennifer) traveled with two very sick kids – both of them contracted Dengue Fever just days before we flew to the United States.

A Big Announcement!


Baby Isaac came into my life on June 9 very unexpectedly (and I mean VERY, VERY unexpectedly). After he joined my little family, I was very busy trying to get his travel documents in order, since I had bought our plane tickets to go to the USA before this adorable little man joined our family. On July 6th, I had the unexpected opportunity to go ahead and proceed with an adoption hearing for him AND Little Jenny. God is so, so good! I now have a new son, Isaac, and he just turned one in August.

Jennifer Wesner with Isaac and Jenny

Arua Family Fundraiser


The land where our main residence and office is located, in Port Moresby, was gifted to us by the Reverends Ako and Lilly Arua of Ulamagi Nazarene Church. Pastor Lilly was a mighty woman of faith and a pillar for her community. We heard from her family that she was diagnosed with cancer, and so we started a fundraiser to support her and her family.

Sadly, we received news recently that she has passed away.

Pastor Lilly was a mother to many children, including orphans. She was a rock to her family, her community, and her church. She made the world a better place for many.

Even though she wasn’t able to get the treatment she needed for her cancer, you can still donate to her family and children by designating your gift towards “Medical Missions” for the month of September.

Pastor Lilly and her husband

Pictured in this image is Reverends Ako and Lilly Arua of Ulamagi Nazarene Church. To donate to the Arua family, designate your gift towards Medical Missions.


Let’s Connect!

During my next few months in the United States, I want to connect with as many churches, businesses, and individuals as I can.

Do you have a heart for trafficking victims, education for women and children in a developing country, or crisis medical intervention? That is what we do! The needs around us are HUGE and we need your support to continue growing.

We are looking for monthly support to continue our mission of restoring a hope-filled future to marginalized communities in Papua New Guinea through crisis intervention, education, and community development programs. There is no amount too big or too small, everything is appreciated. Whether you support us with $5 dollars a month or $500, every contribution will change someone’s life. If you cannot give monthly, you can give quarterly and annually—whichever works best for you.

We are also looking for volunteers! You can volunteer remotely or in-person (in Papua New Guinea).

If you want me to share at your business, house of worship, or small group, please contact me. You can respond to this email or call (717) 420-4222.

Thank you so much for praying and giving to support our work amongst PNG’s most vulnerable population.  

God Bless,

Jennifer Wesner

Director of Restoration International