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Multi-Purpose Ministry Center
This will include an office, library/computer lab, classroom/conference room, and a commercial kitchen. We will use this to offer life-skills training and small-business training to marginalized women. They will come here to learn highly marketable job skills which will enable them to earn the money they need to support themselves and their children. It will also be used for bible study, community development, and educational classes.

Vehicle for Provincial Ministry Center on West New Britain Island
West New Britain is a remote area and it’s critical to have reliable transportation. When medical emergencies come up, we are in a helpless position. We need a reliable 4-WD vehicle to travel the rough, hour-long drive to town where all of our supplies are purchased, and where the nearest hospital is located.

If you feel led to give to any of the above-mentioned needs, please include a note with your donation, designating to which need you are giving. Estimated needed funds:
• Ministry Center – $75,000 USD
• Vehicle Fund – $10,000 USD