Dear friends,

May was a very busy month for us as we had a YWAM team comprised of both PNG and international youth visiting us from their campus in Port Moresby. They are still here with us and will go back to Port Moresby on June 18. We have been arranging ministry opportunities for them, which in turn has opened up many doors of opportunity for Restoration PNG. We’ve accompanied them to local schools each day where they have shared with the students about God’s love, His word, and the importance of making good decisions and building healthy relationships.

In the evenings, we have been showing films to raise awareness about big issues affecting Papua New Guinea, such as HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. Next week, we will wrap up our time with them by doing a three-day seminar for youth where we will teach them about the nature and character of God, foundations of our beliefs, and the Gospel. Their presence here has not only blessed the local churches, schools, and community, but us as well. We hope that they are the first of MANY more YWAM teams to come and minister in West New Britain. Below is the YWAM team with our family here in West New Britain Province.  

Restoration PNG Team
Stop Gender Based Violence

One of the main reasons we are working in Papua New Guinea is to combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Family Violence. Recently, we’ve had a very difficult situation come up this month and are still working through it.

We had a case of gender-based violence occur very close to our office here on West New Britain Island. The husband is open to receiving counsel and the wife wants to stay, so we are setting up counseling and accountability for them. Pray for healing, growth, and perseverance for the couple as they start to mend their relationship. Pray for an open heart and mind for the husband to learn healthy ways of communicating and dealing with conflict.  

Respecting and valuing women is very counter-cultural here in PNG, but we hope that the husband will embrace a healthy view of women and that his relationship with his wife will improve.

Volunteers Needed

We now have a new volunteer page on our website where you can learn about our volunteer opportunities! Visit this page at

Some of the volunteer opportunities we have for individuals at Restoration are:

  • Teach a subject

  • Engage with the local community

  • Provide medical care

If you are located outside of the areas we work in, you can teach any subject remotely to local students!

Classes could include: budgeting, basic math, small business/entrepreneurship, problem solving/critical thinking, health, hygiene, nutrition, men’s/women’s/family health awareness, English literacy, computer literacy, internet safety/avoiding scams, gender equality, and more!

Are you part of a small group or group in your community? You can be an ambassador for Restoration and share the work we’re doing in Papua New Guinea. If you live in Papua New Guinea, you can assist us with conducting surveys and building relationships with government members, school board members, principals, teachers, local churches of all denominations, and the general public.

In-Person Medical Professionals

We need volunteers in all medical fields to come and perform health checks and screenings, basic first aid, teeth cleanings, extractions, and more! Any length of time commitment is helpful, whether it be a few days, weeks, or months.

Jennifer doing medical missions.

The malaria and dengue fever epidemic seems to be slowing down. This past month we’ve only conducted about 10 malaria tests and distributed malaria treatment tablets. Pray for the sick, and pray for God’s protection and good health for all of us.  

Our malaria test kits and medicine supply are running low. If you wish to give to our medical missions, you can do so by clicking the link below and designating your gift to “medical.”

Airplane in sky

USA Bound!

I (Jennifer) will be flying to the USA on July 12 for a few months. I’m planning to enjoy some of the summer holiday with family and also visit some churches and supporters that I was not able to see on the last whirl-wind medical mission that I coordinated last year for Alex. Pray for good health, safe traveling, and a time of refreshment for me while being “home.” Pray for good meetings with friends, family, churches, businesses, and supporters so that I can continue to expand my reach to PNG’s most vulnerable population.  If you would like to get in contact with me regarding my visit home, you can call or text me at: (717) 420-4222.  This is a GoogleFi number, so it works even now while I am overseas.

Pray also for God’s timing and favor for renewing my work permit and visa (both will expire in November of this year).

We cannot thank you all enough for your ongoing prayers and generous giving. We continue to move forward in faith that God is going to grow our base of staff, volunteers, and donors so that we can accomplish our mission of restoring a hope-filled future to marginalized communities.

Many blessings to you all,

Jennifer Wesner

Director of Restoration PNG