Our mission is to restore a hope-filled future to marginalized communities in Papua New Guinea through education, emergency assistance, and community development programs.

How do we do this?

We partner with local churches and ministries to:

  • Get children off of the streets and into safe homes and facilities, where they will be enrolled in school. Most of the children are orphaned due to HIV, and have been abused by their parents or guardians.
  • In the future, we plan to fundraise to help pay students school tuition so they can graduate high school. Many families can’t afford tuition for all of their children, which means that students end up dropping out. The situation gets more difficult when the students are from remote locations that don’t have a school readily available within a reasonable distance.
  • Give hope and love to those living in hopeless situations.
  • Offer homeless women suffering from HIV and TB a safe place to live while they learn to manage their illness successfully and learn life skills and job skills in order to sustain themselves and their children.

Do you know?

70% of women in Papua New Guinea will be raped in their lifetime.

These women (who contract HIV and TB) are shunned by their families, rejected by society and left to depend on the streets for survival.


Our vision is to restore relationships, improve education, and reach vulnerable women, children, and families in Papua New Guinea.

Who We Serve

We work among the most marginalized people in Papua New Guinea. People living in extreme poverty, struggling with the effects of HIV/AIDS, TB, trafficking victims, and victims of gender-based violence.

About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an island country, approximately the size of California. It is home to 7.6 million people, who speak more than 800 different languages.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Wesner

Restoration International was founded and is directed by Jennifer.  Having a heart for indigenous people worldwide, Jennifer hopes that each and every individual will be empowered to live lives filled with hope!  With a background in Biblical Studies and a degree in Intercultural Ministries, her dream is to see Revelation 7:9 come to pass, where people of all nations will stand before the Lamb and worship Him.  Jennifer has a passion for studying the Bible in its original Hebrew context, and sharing this knowledge with fellow believers.  Her heart of compassion has led her to work among the most vulnerable populations in Papua New Guinea.

Alex and Grace, Restoration International partners

Alex Balu and Grace Sahale

Alex and Grace direct the community outreach program in West New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea. They were married in 2005 and have 10 children. Grace is a teacher at the local elementary school and Alex works full time in ministry in addition to managing the family’s coconut plantation. They are active in their church and community, and are a huge asset to our work among marginalized people in PNG. Their responsibilities include: counseling families dealing with abuse and domestic violence, overseeing all aspects of our agricultural program, and raising community awareness on issues that affect marginalized communities. If you would like to give to the ministry of Alex and Grace, you can give through our online giving link or by mail, noting that the gift is for the Alex Balu family. 



PNG Phone: 675-7484-8961

USA Phone: 717-420-4222

USA Mailing Address:

Restoration International,
P.O. Box 73,
Bainbridge, PA 17502

PNG Mailing Address:

Restoration International,
P.O. 1405 Vision City
Port Moresby, NCD