Thank you for praying for Alex!

Alex underwent laser surgery to remove all of the pre-cancerous lesions in his mouth on October 27th. He is recovering well and will have one more check up with the ENT specialist on December 14th. They want to be sure everything is completely healed up before we head back to Papua New Guinea.

God went before us in so many ways. The doctor did everything free of charge for Alex! He provided a beautiful place for us to stay for several weeks with a dear sister-in-Christ, who has become family to us. He provided a car for us to use—both then and for the remainder of our time in the US. He is such a good, loving Father.

November 13th, we had the opportunity to share at Living Free Biker Church in Savannah. We were so blessed to share our testimonies, some scriptures, and about our work with marginalized women in Papua New Guinea. We were so encouraged by our visit there.

                                             With the pastors of Living Free Biker Church

November 14th, we returned back to Pennsylvania. We are getting some dental work done for all of us before making travel plans to return to PNG. We praise God, once again, for going before us and providing free dental care for all of us! Alex has been able to get some much-needed dental work done that would not be available to him in Papua New Guinea.

Next week we will be attending Michael’s college graduation, speaking at a few churches, and going to Alex’s follow-up at the ENT specialist in Savannah, GA. We will return to Pennsylvania the week before Christmas to have a few more meetings, and to finish up Alex’s dental work. We are tentatively hoping to return to Papua New Guinea around the end of December. But we need your help with this. Tickets have been going up in price over the holidays, so we are looking at $2-3,000 USD per ticket. This is a huge need and seems impossible for us, but we know that with God, ALL things are possible. If you would like to help with our ticket costs, please include a note with your donation that it is for our return airfare.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer these last few months.

Blessings to you all this holiday season,

Jennifer Wesner & Little Jenny

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Thank you!