An overdue update:
The people who took pity on us and gave us a ride (from my last journal entry) have really blessed us and have become friends.  Peter & his wife helped us while we were looking at cars and thankfully, we now have our own car. No more riding the smelly PMV’s!!  I have not felt any kind of culture stress for awhile now. You just have to go with the flow here, or you would be stressed out and frustrated all the time. Example: the driver’s services office still has no cards to print licenses….
We have been running a successful morning pre-school, and afternoon tutoring for a few months now. We had one student the first day, a few more each day, and now we have 20-25 coming each week. We do classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tom spends almost every day over in Gereka at the iCare4U construction site.
We have really been blessed by becoming a part of the Ulamagi Church in Gereka. I go to women’s fellowship Wednesday mornings, the kids go to youth fellowship Friday nights, and we attend on Sundays. It is a precious group of believers led by two pastor-couples: Lilly and Ako, and Salome and Ricky. They have such huge hearts!
Moving forward, I would like to invest more time in the women I meet. I have taught a bread baking class and a pizza making class, as well as some basic laptop skills. There is a huge need for not only English literacy, but computer literacy as well. 
(Written July 6)