We really cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. We truly felt them during our ~40 hours of travel across the US, Pacific Ocean, and SE Asia!
* Savannah Joy was a super-traveler and handled everything like a pro. (Whew!)
* Healing when Jen got sick from some food in the Philippines.  It happened during our 14 hour layover; she was feeling better well before our last flight from Manila to PNG!
* Kind, helpful, and patient customs and immigration workers upon our arrival  in Port Moresby.  We were waved on through and out the door without even having to go through customs!
*  Our landlord (and friend), Ishmael, was waiting with a truck and driver for us at the airport.
God was with us and went before us each step of the way. We are so thankful to be here!

We have been busy acclimating ourselves to being back in Papua New Guinea again; it’s been 14 years!  We are practicing Melanesian Pidgin with our neighbors and friends, and we will also need to learn Motu, which is another trade language used here in Port Moresby.

We have never lived in the capital city before, so we have a lot to learn in regards to how things are done here, such as: how to get around on public transportation (called PMV’s here–Public Motor Vehicles), and where to find the things we need.  We also need to be careful to follow the advice of our friends in regards to where we should not go–some places are not safe for us to go, period, and some places we can go as long as someone local is going with us.

As we move forward in ministry, we are constantly checking ourselves…asking ourselves and others how we can live and minister in a culturally appropriate way.

We have met with many national ministry partners the last few weeks, and are praying for the Lord to show us wisdom in who He wants us to partner with in ministry here.  Because of the laid-back islands culture, not many people are ministering “full time.” Many of those ministering are doing so around work and family obligations. We want our time to be full, so we will likely be wearing several “hats” as we minister here.

New Friends and Ministry Partners

Pray for us as we seek God’s will regarding specific ministries. We are hoping to soon be ministering in the following ways:

1. Hospital visitation one day a week (there is a specific ward for sexual abuse/domestic abuse patients & also the maternity ward where we can connect with women in difficult places who often abandon their babies at the hospital).
2. Partnering with a local non-profit that works with women who have HIV and TB, and also homeless children.
3. The teens are hoping to begin teaching and tutoring soon with the local kids in our neighborhood. We’d like to start more “formal” class/tutoring hours two days a week which will include Bible lessons.
4. Jen is hoping to start a teen and young ladies Bible Study/mentoring program.

Pray that we will be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in what we should take on and what we should network out to local churches and other NGOs (Non-Government Organizations). One example is our desire to start a child sponsorship program, which would cover school, book, and uniform fees. We learned this week that there is already a local organization doing this. Rather than step on their toes, we are hoping to meet with them, learn about what they are doing, and help in any way we can. The last thing we want to do is take over or become “competition” for others who have the same heart that we do. It is more glorifying to work together in unity for a common purpose. 

Other than the above-mentioned prayer requests, please pray that we will be able to find a 4WD vehicle within our current budget, or that God will provide the remaining funds for one. We are still in need of $5,000 USD. We are halfway to our goal of $10,000. Used vehicles are VERY expensive here; and the rough road conditions require 4WD.

Our ministry is severely limited when we are relying on public transportation. It is not safe for the ladies to travel the buses alone, nor is it safe for any of us to be riding them after dark. We are confident that God will provide, and we look forward to updating you soon!

If you would like to give towards our vehicle fund, you can do so online (http://www.restoringunity.org/support) or mail a check (adding a note designating your gift for our vehicle) to: P.O. Box 73, Bainbridge, PA, 17502.

As always, thank you so much for lifting us up before the Father. We have truly felt your prayers these last few weeks, and can’t even begin to list for you all the ways we have seen God working…this letter would be too long. Please “like” and “follow” our FaceBook page (http://www.facebook.com/restoringunity) for the most up-to-date pictures and newsletters.  We’ll be working to update our website as well over the next few days (http://www.restoringunity.org).
Tom, Jenny,
Michael, Daniel, and Savannah Joy
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