Arua Family Fundraiser

Pastor Lilly was a remarkable individual in her community. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away. Her and her husband cared for orphans and are pillars for their community, which is why we wanted to raise money to support them.

Facing limited options for treatment in Papua New Guinea, she wasn’t able to survive the cancer. However, you can still help us support her family.

Join us in making a difference for the Arua family by donating to Medical Missions.

From Jennifer Wesner, Director of Restoration

“Whenever Pastor Lilly walks into a room, you feel you are in the presence of a mighty woman of faith. She is a mother to more children than I can count, due to her and her husband’s heart for orphans. She is a rock to her family, her community, her church, and she makes the world a better place.”


From iCare4U‘s Crystal Nita

“Reverend Lilly and District Superintendent Ako Arua have been an inspirational couple to us and very pivotal to iCare4U and our Gereka location. George and I met the Arua’s in 2014 when we brought a short term team into the community here under invitation to join their youth program. They had shared that they had some land to be used for community development work. When we returned to Port Moresby and were looking for a location to set up iCare4U we were again invited to consider planting our roots here. We have been so blessed by this couple over the years. Reverend Lilly is such a mother figure and one who continues to pour into her people and community. She has always welcomed us and all the YWAM teams who come through this place. Their home is always open to any and all who may need acceptance, love and support. They continue to take in and raise children who need a loving and safe home. She never gives up in her faith and love for the Lord. She spends so much of her time pouring into us and now is our turn to pour into her! She needs are help and prayers like never before. Would you consider how you can help this beautiful family out. There are so many needs for Lilly and her family in this time and one way you can help relieve the pressure and support them is to give financially.”